What we do


    A. E. Shull & Company has the expertise to handle multiphase earthwork projects. Our earthwork services specialize in commercial and industrial site development. Our crews provide services from clearing and grubbing, general excavation, street and building pad preparation that can provide developers with turnkey site development.

    Underground Utilities

    A. E. Shull & Company utility services specialize in water, sewer, and drainage pipelines.  With a large inventory of trench boxes we have the ability to install pipelines through open-cut methods at all levels of depth.  Our experienced crews provide the knowledge and safety requirements to install pipeline materials including ductile iron pipe, reinforced concrete pipe, HDPE and PVC.

    Asphalt Paving

    A. E. Shull & Company provides asphalt services including base and surface on parking lots, subdivision roads, and city overlay projects.  Asphalt pavement is utilized in a variety of different applications because of its durability, cost-effectiveness, simplicity of construction, and strength. We have the skills, equipment and experience to provide guaranteed results on any size project.

    Other Services

    A.E. Shull & Company can also provide the following services:

    • Clearing

    • Culvert Installation

    • Emergency Utility Repair Work

    • Storage Tank Installation